Session 133:
The Consequences of Racial/Ethnic Residential Segregation

Friday, May 1
2:30 PM - 4:20 PM
Marquette A
Level 5

Chair: Maria Krysan, University of Illinois at Chicago
Discussant: Marylee C. Taylor, Pennsylvania State University

  1. Optimizing Residential Segregation and Urban CrimeBryan L. Sykes, University of Washington; Jacob Young, University of Washington; Kevin Drakulich, University of Washington

  2. Ethnic Residential Segregation, Social Contacts and Prejudice in European SocietiesMoshe Semyonov, Tel Aviv University; Anya Glikman, Tel Aviv University

  3. Racial Diversity, Minority Concentration and Trust in Canadian Urban NeighbourhoodsFeng Hou, Statistics Canada; Zheng Wu, University of Victoria

  4. The Spatial Dynamics of Stratification: Metropolitan Context, Population Redistribution and Black and Hispanic HomeownershipChenoa A. Flippen, University of Pennsylvania

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