Session 33:
Methodological Challenges in Studies of Couples and Families

Thursday, April 30
10:30 AM - 12:20 PM
Richard A
Level 5

Chair: Elizabeth Thomson, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Discussant: Jui-Chung Allen Li, Academia Sinica
Discussant: Ann Meier, University of Minnesota

  1. Continued and On-Time Participation in a Weekly Online SurveyJennifer S. Barber, University of Michigan; Heather Gatny, University of Michigan

  2. A Comparison of Mother and Father Reports of Father InvolvementLauren Rinelli, Bowling Green State University

  3. Illumination with a Dim Bulb? What Do Demographers Learn by Employing Text Analysis Software and Narrative Approaches?Michael J. White, Brown University; Maya Judd, Brown University; Simone Poliandri, Brown University

  4. Modelling Time-Varying Contextual Effects in Family and Fertility ResearchHill Kulu, University of Liverpool

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