A Profile of Self-Reported Functional Disability among Older Kuwaiti Men and Women

Nasra M. Shah, Kuwait University
Jaafar Behbehani, Kuwait University
Hanan Badr, Kuwait University

In a household survey of older Kuwaitis aged 50+ held in 2006/7, about one-quarter of men and women reported that they had some functional disability in terms of walking, lifting, grasping, eating, bathing etc. About 35 % of all respondents fell in the highest tercile of the disability score. Preliminary analysis shows that functional disability was significantly higher among the older, currently non-married, non-Bedouin, least educated, and currently non-working persons. It was also significantly higher among those with major chronic illnesses. The objective of this paper is to identify the significant socio-demographic correlates of disability, as well as its severity, controlling for chronic illness. Predictors of disability and severe level of disability will be assessed by using logistic regression. Identification of such factors will assist health planners in developing a better knowledge about groups faced with enhanced risk of disability in the country.

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Presented in Poster Session 6