Disability Status of Adults in Institutional Group Quarters from the 2007 American Community Survey

Matthew W. Brault, U.S. Census Bureau

The addition of group quarters (GQ) data to the American Community Survey (ACS) in 2006 has allowed for the reporting of disability estimates for a population of people often missed in national surveys – people living in institutions such as correctional facilities and nursing homes. Currently, most disability estimates are only representative of the civilian noninstitutionalized population. Because people living in institutions are not utilizing many public services, it is easy to overlook their needs. Information on the disability status of incarcerated people can help State Departments of Corrections better accommodate individuals with special needs. Likewise, knowledge of the types of disabilities experienced by people in nursing facilities can help administrators provide the necessary services for access and integration with the outside community. This presentation highlights disability prevalence in this “excluded” population using data from the 2007 ACS and makes comparisons between this group and the civilian noninstitutionalized population.

Presented in Poster Session 6