Transnational and International Migrant Worker: Discussion on Illegal Network

Sri H. Rachmad, BPS Statistics Indonesia

This paper aims to discuss the function of illegal agency and its extension for arrangement and persuasion people to migrate become an international migrant worker. This illegal agency on which produce negative effect to migrants worker condition in their future where they are allocated in foreign country. Local people to who mostly come from remote and rural area of Indonesia with low background education are pushed to be international migrant worker by a huge promise of their bright future, however, the persuasion could be as trap for local people and in fact migrant worker become sexual worker in other country. This extended illegal agency is under cover, has an international network among countries, and not easy to recognize their activity as illegal. For those, this evidence would be useful for policy maker and stakeholder to keep watch out the regulation and procedure of migrant recruitment and to anticipate human trafficking.

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Presented in Poster Session 6