Sexual Behaviour, Resistance to Change and Prospects for HIV/AIDS Spread in Metropolitan Lagos

Gbemiga E. Adeyemi, Lagos State University
Adekunbi Omideyi, Obafemi Awolowo University

Despite the knowledge and awareness about HIV/AIDS, attitudes of most people in metropolitan Lagos that promote the spread of HIV/AIDS have not changed. This paper examines factors that have been responsible for the kind of resistance that we have been witnessing. The study was carried out in Lagos State. A multi-stage random sampling procedure was employed in the administration of 1,000 questionnaires to the general populace. The study revealed that the psychological nature of sex does not allow people to change their attitudes in spite of their good knowledge of HIV/AIDS. Significant proportions were also involved in risky behaviour by not using condoms during intercourse. The study shows that fighting the most complex disease like HIV/AIDS requires more information about the consequences of living with the disease. People must realize the effect of HIV/AIDS on the household income and the knock out effect on the family apart from resorting to death.

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Presented in Session 168: Condom Use and HIV Risk