Does Maternal Health Really Matter? A Study of Indian Menopausal Women

Saurabh Jaiprakash, Rohan Dyes and Intermediates, Ahemedabad
Dipti Govil, Indian Institute of Management (IIM)

Maternal welfare has been of immense importance in public health because of a woman's pivotal role in social organisation. In the scenario, the authenticity of post-procreation health also becomes critical with the increase in life expectancy. This paper attempts to understand the magnitude of poor maternal health from the perspective of menopausal women. Results from a community-based retrospective study on 247 menopausal women from India show that the foundation for any health disability is often laid during reproductive age. Hence, there is a need to look beyond a woman's reproductive years in terms of Providing-Care, as maternal health not only affects health during woman's reproductive age, but also persists beyond reproduction. Segmentation of health can never lead to a healthy life. Thus, this neglected area, especially in developing countries, should be emphasized and included in policy formulation in order to provide for women's health needs in their post-reproductive years.

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Presented in Poster Session 1