Record Linkage at the Minnesota Population Center: New Estimates of Migration Rates, 1850-1930

Ron Goeken, University of Minnesota
Lap Huynh, University of Minnesota
Thomas Lenius, University of Minnesota
Rebecca Vick, University of Minnesota

The Minnesota Population Center has recently released linked samples consisting of records from various census years (1850-1870 and 1900-1930) to the 1880 U.S. Census complete-count database. The paper will discuss our linkage methods; for example, we only use information that should not change or change in predictable ways. We only use given name, surname, and age, and do not use information from co-resident kin (which would introduce bias against those without co-resident kin) nor do we use place of residence information (which would introduce bias against migrants). In addition to showing migration rates for the stated time period, we will also discuss determinants of migration. Topics here will include the impact of household structure and the importance of geographic context. We also intend on using the real estate value (available in 1850-1880) and value of personal estate (available in 1860-1870) to determine the impact of wealth on migration decisions.

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