Nativity and Health in the Russian Federation: Is There a healthy Migrant Effect?

Cynthia Buckley, University of Texas at Austin

What is the importance of nativity for variations in health in the Russia? In recent decades, Russia has experienced serious declines in health, while also serving as an important migrant destination. Do migrants report better health than native born Russians? Using the 2004 Gender and Generations Survey, I examine the relationship between country of origin and self assessed health, chronic health conditions, and reported physical limitations. I find differences in migrant selectivity by sending region, with migrants from Slavic countries and Kazakhstan displaying a health disadvantage relative to the native born, while non-CIS and Central Asian natives displaying health advantages. In multivariate models controlling for socio-demographic, cultural, and resource indicators, migration is weak, while sex (Male) and age (Younger) emerge as positive health determinants. Non-Russian native language is significantly associated with better health outcomes across the models. Individuals with non-Slavic backgrounds, born in and moving into Russia, display better health.

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