Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Adolescents' Sexual Behaviour in Secondary Schools in Morogoro Municipality in Tanzania

Wambuka Rangi, Openuniversity of Tanzania

HIV/AIDS, STD, unwanted pregnancies and abortion are indicators for adolescents’ sexual behaviours (SB). Worldwide adolescents, accounted for 40% of new HIV infections in 2006, 6 % of girls give birth each year, 13% and 14% in Sub Saharan Africa and Tanzania. The study examined role of sexual and reproductive health education (SRHE) on adolescent’s SB specifically; level of awareness, levels of involvement in risky SB, teaching methodologies and adequacy of SRHE. It adopted a cross sectional design by questionnaires, interviews and FGD with sample size of 140. Analysis by SPSS with descriptive, multiple responses, and scaling, It revealed that adolescents are sexually active, low involvement in risky SB, fair awareness of SRH with adequate information. Inadequate use of examples, video tapes and study visit. There is need of imparting more skills on SB.

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