Study on Global Aging and Adult Health (SAGE)

Paul Kowal, World Health Organization (WHO)
Somnath Chatterji, World Health Organization (WHO)
Nirmala Naidoo, World Health Organization (WHO)

Populations globally, including those in middle and low income countries, are aging rapidly posing new challenges to health systems. A critical consideration will be the direction and rate of change in morbidity that will accompany this aging phenomenon . The economic and psychological well being of this population will be a key policy concern. SAGE is a follow-up study of older adults in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa, with links to health and demographic surveillance sites through the INDEPTH network. With health and health-related outcomes data comparable to other international studies of aging such as the HRS, ELSA and SHARE, SAGE will be used to monitor disability trends globally, unravel the determinants and identify preventive and other interventions that can stimulate and support declines in disability in older populations. Health, quality of life and service utilization results from China, Ghana, India and South Africa will be presented.

Presented in Poster Session 6